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I have used training" to mean a" training session" many times Don't' bother hitting the rack we have training in ten minutes, but I would never consider using trainings" as a plural form. RM1SS, 21 janvier 2013. sdgraham Senior Member.
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I don't' think of training as a collective noun such as jury" a group of jurors, family" a group of closely related people, or team" Training" is not necessarily a group. However, I do know several corporate trainers who use trainings" as a plural, meaning training" sessions" I have never liked that use.
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Training is normally used as an uncountable noun by native English speakers, and in this form it doesn't' take a plural. However, some dictionaries list it as being both countable and uncountable, with the caveat that the countable form is little used.
What is the plural of training?
What's' the plural form of training? Here's' the word you're' looking for. The noun training can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be training. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be trainings e.g.
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But the English language that first exported the word training does not necessarily agree with the plural form that other languages have embraced. For years, I translated the plural die Trainings as training in English because I considered it a mass noun, like the word education.
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Examples of training in a Sentence. The job requires special training. She owes her flexibility to her early training as a dancer. He received training in first aid. a young doctor who's' still in training She's' in training for the Olympics.
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However, as most fathers are not comfortable or do not have the training, they designate a mohel. The mohel is specially trained in circumcision and the rituals surrounding the procedure. Many mohalim are doctors or rabbis and some are both or cantors and are required to receive appropriate training both from the religious and medical fields.
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financial services and biopharma for compliance training. Student self-service e.g, self-registration on instructor-led training, training workflow e.g, user notification, manager approval, wait-list management, the provision of on-line learning e.g, computer-based training, read understand, on-line assessment, management of continuous professional education CPE, collaborative learning e.g, application sharing, discussion threads, and training resource management e.g, instructors, facilities, equipment, are all-important dimensions of learning management systems. LMFFF3003B Apply plural component coatings.
Is superseded by and equivalent to MSFFF3003 Apply plural component coatings. Supersedes and is equivalent to LMFFF3003B Apply plural component coatings. Find RTOs approved to deliver this unit of competency. Training packages that include this unit. Code Title Sort Table listing Training packages that include this unit by the Title column Release.
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voice recognition The recording of multiple samples of a user s voice to aid pattern recognition. Usage notes edit. The plural trainings, for more than one training session, is not often used. Derived terms edit. the activity of imparting and acquiring skills.
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It pains the ear and stretches the rules overmuch to pluralize the word training. As Dave already mentioned, you can use training as the adjectival portion of a noun phrase where the noun it is modifying can then be put into the plural, but it sounds very poor as a standalone plural noun.
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Boxerin beim Training MEV Verlag, Augsburg planmäßige Durchführung eines Programms von vielfältigen Übungen zur Ausbildung von Können, Stärkung der Kondition und Steigerung der Leistungsfähigkeit Beispiele. ein hartes Training. das Training abbrechen, aufnehmen. in übertragener Bedeutung: geistiges Training. in übertragener Bedeutung: autogenes Training.

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